RS PRO Nickel Plated Steel, Tweezer Set

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RS PRO 6 Piece Tweezer Set with PVC Pouch

Introducing the 6 piece tweezer set from RS PRO, a high quality set of tweezers in various sizes in a handy PVC vinyl pouch for safe storage. The tweezers are manufactured using stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The set includes various sized tweezers with different tips to accommodate a range of applications. The general purpose tweezers are ideal for picking up and handling minuscule parts and components safely, without coming into contact with them.

Features and benefits

• 6 piece set with various sizes and tips
• Stainless steel construction providing excellent corrosion resistance
• Heat treated for enhanced durability
• Natural finish
• Handy PVC pouch for safe storage


Tweezers are an excellent tool for safely picking up and handling small parts and components and placing them with precision. Tweezers are available in a range of sizes and materials to accommodate a variety of applications that require intricate detail. They are used in a wide range of industries and applications including:

• Electronic assembly
• Labs
• Soldering
• Technicians
• Jewellery making
• Beauticians

What is included in the set?

• x1 straight fine point tweezer, with serrated jaw, 115mm
• x1 cross-over fine point tweezer (2806) with self-locking jaw,115mm
• x1 long cross-over point tweezer (2803) w/flat point & self-locking jaws, 170mm
• x1 bent fine point tweezer, with dog-lag nose, 145mm
• x1 rounded point tweezer, with blunt tapering jaw, 115mm
• x1 stamp tweezer, with blunt spoon nose, 115mm
• x1 PVC storage pouch


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