MQ131 module ozone gas detection high and low concentration

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1. Size: 30mmx20mmx28mm

2. Main chip: LM393, MQ-131 gas sensor

3. Working voltage: DC 5V



1. With signal output indicator light;

2. Double signal output (analog output and TTL level output);

3. TTL output valid signal is low level; (the signal light is on when the output level is low, can be connected to the microcontroller IO port)

4. Analog output increases with concentration, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage;

High sensitivity to ozone gas (detection concentration range 10-1000ppm)

6. It has long service life and reliable stability;

7. Quick response and recovery functions

8. With mounting holes, it is convenient for fixed installation;

9. The probe can be plugged and unplugged, which is convenient for testing.


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