3kWh LiFePO4 Battery System

Storage Capacity 3328Wh.

AC Output :  220V/1.5kW Pure Sine Wave 50Hz.

Warranty  : 3 years.

Estimated Delivery time 60 days.

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Optional items ( HTRC 24V/10A Smart Battery Charger ) – 15,000.00

Integrated design, with generation, storage and usage integrated; modular production, easy installation.

Dust-proof instruction, with its own inverter  design, can directly supply electricity for electric appliances, to achieve a full range of energy supply

LiFePO4 battery, the discharge depth reaches 80%. Under the discharge ratio of less than 0.5C, service life is up to 15 years, with high safety factor.

No maintenance, no fuel consumption, no noise, flexible charging mode, saving money, reducing carbon emissions, energy saving and environmental protection.

Technical Parameters

  • Model : Blue Carbon BCT-SPS 3kWh
  • Storage Capacity : 3328Wh
  • AC Output : 220V/1.5kW
  • AC Output Waveform Frequency : Pure Sine Wave 50Hz
  • Solar Panel : 24V/320W×2pcs
  • Charging Current  : 40-60A, <80A
  • Run Load At the Same Time : ≤1.5kW
  • Electricity Charging Current :  5A.
  • AC Output : 220V/1.5kW
  • Depth of Discharge >80%
  • Product Size : 603±2×261±2×192±2mm



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