TTP229 16-way capacitive touch switch sensor module

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  • Operating voltage 2.4V to 5.5V
  • Built-in Voltage regulator
  • Stand-by current at 3V: 0.25uA at 8 Hz Sampling Rate
  • Two different operating modes: independent 8 Channel O/P and I2C interface 16 Key Mode
  • 2 wires I2C interface for both 16 key and 8 key mode
  • Onboard LEDs to indicate which pad is being touched
  • 2 Wires serial interface can select active high or low by option
  • Provides two kinds of sampling rate: slow sampling rate 8Hz and fast sampling rate 64Hz
  • Optional maximum key-on time about 80sec
  • Auto calibration at power-up (keypad must not be touched for 0.5 seconds after power-up)

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