SSR Module / Solid State Relay Module

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1, OMRON 5V 240V solid state relay 2A, output resistive type insurance Wire 240V 2A.
2, size: 25*34*25 (length * width * height) net weight: 13g
3, the input power supply: 5V DC (160MA)
4, the input control signal voltage:
(the state of the 0-1.5V low level relay ON)
(the state of the 2.5-5V high level relay OFF)
5, the blue KF301 terminal is connected to the line of control more convenient.
Module interface:
Input part:
DC+: connect the power supply positive (press the relay voltage power supply)
DC-: the cathode of a power supply
CH: relay module signal trigger end (low level trigger effective)
High level and low level of meaning:
High level trigger refers to the signal trigger end (IN) and the negative electrode of the power between
A positive voltage, usually with the positive pole of a power supply and a trigger terminal connection
A trigger mode, when the trigger end has a positive voltage or to trigger voltage, the relay is attracted.
Low level trigger refers to the signal triggering voltage between the end and the negative electrode of the power supply.
OV, or trigger terminal voltage lower voltage than the positive power supply,
Low to voltage can be triggered, make the relay, usually will power
The negative electrode and the triggering end of a trigger connected, so that the relay is attracted.
Electrical parameters:
Voltage version 5V
Quiescent current 0mA
The working current of 12.5mA
Trigger voltage 0-1.5V
Trigger current 2mA

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