Raspberry Pi Touchscreen, 7in Module for Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi Official LCD Touch Display

The Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Display is the perfect touchscreen for your Raspberry Pi board. It enables you to create things such as tablets or home automation devices.
The Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Display comes with an adapter board which sits between the screen and your Raspberry Pi. It manages all the power and signal conversions.

Versions Available:
899-7466 – single
111-5927 – box of 40 kits
What’s included?
1 x 7″ LCD touch screen
1 x Adapter board
1 x DSI ribbon cable
4 x jumper wires
4 x stand-offs and screws for mounting
More about the LCD touchscreen …

Multi-touch capacitive touch screen — supports up to 10 finger touches
7 inch display
800 x 480 pixel resolution at 60 frames per second (fps)
24-bit RGB colour
70° viewing angle
No electronic interference


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