MT8870 DTMF Voice Audio Decoder Module

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This component is ideally suited to adding dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) decoding to your project. This detection module interprets the incoming tone and produces a coded output that can be connected to all manner of microcontrollers.

DTMF is commonly found in touch tone devices such as a phone. The tone is a combination of two separate sine waves that produce a unique signal that can be transmitted or heard. When the module receives the signal it is able to decode it and produce a binary output that can be used in other devices. The module shows the state of the signal through onboard LEDs.

As an idea you can connect up a mobile phone via 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to the module. Dialling into the phone from a second mobile and then using the keypad will produce the tones on the original phone. The tones in the call can then be interpreted by the module, allowing you to control all manner of projects.

MT8870 DTMF Tone Decoding Module

  • 37 x 25 x 12mm (l x w x h)
  • MT8870 Frequency decoder chip
  • Onboard 3.5mm input interface
  • 5 Channel interface
  • DTMF Compatible
  • Typically 0-9, A-D, *, #
  • LED Output state
  • 9 pin (2.54mm pin pitch)
  • 5V Input
  • Designed to be compatible with standard 2.54mm sockets


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