BeagleBone Black Wireless MCU Development Board BeagleBone Black Wireless

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BeagleBone Black Wireless SBC

The BeagleBone Black Wireless from is a development board based on the AM335x Arm Cortex-A8 processor, with additional wireless networking functionality. This BeagleBone board is a single board computer (SBC) which is supplied with Debian Linux OS pre-installed and can be used as a stand-alone computer or embedded into a system.
The additional wireless capabilities come from a WiLink Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip. You can also add up to four expansion capes onto the headers on the BeagleBone Black Wireless board.

BeagleBone Black vs. BeagleBone Black Wireless
The original BeagleBone Black Rev C (125-2411) and the BeagleBone Black Wireless boards are very similar. The main addition with the Wireless version is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, instead of the Ethernet LAN connection on the traditional board. Therefore the BeagleBone Black Wireless is ideal if you are looking to communicate with other systems or devices across a further distance.

A monitor with HDMI input, a keyboard and a mouse will be required for stand-alone operation.


Classification: Development Board
Device Core:ARM Cortex A8
Processor Family Name: SAM
Processor Part Number: AM3358BZCZ100
Kit Name: BeagleBone Black Wireless
Processor Type: MPU
Technology : MCU


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