ESC 30A RC BEC Brushless Motor Speed Controller

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  • Continuous Current: 30A
  • Voltage Range: 4V – 16V
  • Number of Batteries: 4 – 12NiMH, 2 – 3LiPO (4LiPO does not allow the use of BEC output)
  • BEC Output: Continuous 2A
  • Automatically select 2-3LIPO, the protection voltage is 6V/9V;
  • Automatically select NIMH, each protection voltage is 0.8V;
  • Temperature protection, 110-degree surface temperature shutdown;
  • Out of control protection, stop after 1 second without signal.
  • The upper limit of rotation speed is up to 300,000 rpm in 2 poles, 50000 rpm in 12 poles, and 42000 rpm in 14 poles.
  • 8kHz PWM control, using speed control curve.
  • Automatic throttle adaption, suitable for more remote control equipment.


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